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About Moonshot Marketing

We’re marketing and storytelling strategists for big-hearted, purpose-led brands.

At Moonshot Marketing, we’re a team of remote marketers who work and live in various corners of Australia. We’re a creative bunch who love getting stuck into a good marketing strategy and get super excited when a plan comes together- as ours always do (not to brag or anything).

We each have our own unique skillset but we share one thing in common: we’re passionate about working with brands that do good.

Since our start in 2018, we’ve been lucky enough to work with major Australian brands as well as some of our country’s most inspirational small businesses. We love working with both because we believe that organisations of all shapes and sizes have the ability to make a difference. And we want to be part of that difference.

Nicolette Briscoe - Moonshot Marketing

A note from…

Nicolette Briscoe

Creative Director & Founder
- Moonshot Marketing

Hello and thanks for visiting.

Rather than writing a traditional CV here I’m going to tell you what makes Moonshot a manifestation of my purpose. 

I’m a passionate, curious, creative person. These elements of my personality drew me to storytelling. 

My curiosity drives me to learn new things each day. It drives me to visit near and far places. Stick my head in a rock 30m below the ocean’s surface or hike the Himalaya. But mostly, it’s human stories I’m interested in. Which is how I’ve come to be a storyteller.

I’m a free-spirited mumma and lover of the ocean and yoga. My backyard has a bunch a happy chooks and a very cute Aussie Shepperd. A couple of years ago, we moved from Sydney to the South Coast to make more time for the things we love.

After more than 15 years working in media and marketing, I started Moonshot in 2018. it took me a few years (and six months off having my baby girl) to get clear on what lit me up about marketing. It is this;

Marketing has the power to change lives

And I for one, take that very seriously. 

First and foremost I’m a strategist so I go digging into a business to discover their vision, authenticity, values and why they exist. From there, I chat to my clients and we agree on a purpose-driven engagement strategy and marketing plan.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always believed that I can make the world a better place. I lost touch with that for a few years, but now I know that my entire career I’ve been building the skills to help people communicate how they do good.

Through vision and values, any business can engage a community beyond the product it sells. It’s this aspect of marketing that excites me because I believe it has the ability to transform lives.

"Everyone has a story. Everyone has a unique journey. My passion and expertise is helping brands and business owners discover the treasures inside them - help them tell their story and use their platform to change lives for the better."

Founder Nicolette Briscoe