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Story. Values. 

Our why.

Nicolette Briscoe - Moonshot Marketing

Nicolette Briscoe

Creative Director & Founder
- Moonshot Marketing

Hello and thanks for visiting.

Rather than writing a traditional CV here I’m going to tell you what makes Moonshot a manifestation of my authenticity. 

I’m a passionate, curious, creative person. These elements of my personality drew me to storytelling. 

I’m a free-spirited mumma and lover of the ocean and yoga. My backyard has a bunch a happy chooks and a very cute Aussie Shepperd. We recently moved from Sydney to the South Coast to make more time for the things we love.

I started Moonshot in 2018, it took my 3 years (and six months off having my baby girl) to get clear on what lit me up about marketing. It is this;

Marketing has the power to change lives

And I for one, take that very seriously. 

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always believed that I can make the world a better place. I lost touch with that for a few years, but now I know my entire career I’ve been building the skills to help people communicate how they do good.

Through a company vision and its values marketing can engage a community beyond the product it sells. It is this area of marketing that excites me and that I believe has the ability to transform lives.

First and foremost I’m a strategist so I go digging into a business to discover their vision, authenticity, values and why they exist. It is from here that we agree on the purpose-driven engagement strategy and marketing plan.

"Everyone has a story. Everyone has a unique journey. My passion and expertise is helping brands and business owners discover the treasures inside them - help them tell their story and use their platform to change lives for the better."

Founder Nicolette Briscoe

Our Values

Values are important to us. And we hope yours align with ours or maybe ours spark something in you.

Since Nicolette left the corporate media and advertising world in 2018 she spent some time soul searching for the ideal lifestyle by design business. This process of enquiry was the basis of these values.

This is what lights us up in business and in life.

We are Explorers

We are curious, adventurous and wild at heart. In life and in business. We take this approach in all we do – pushing boundaries and moving out of our comfort zones and helping you move out yours so we can continually stretch, learn and grow. That’s where the magic happens.

Visiting Everest
Our values
Getting upside down

We are community minded.

In 2020 Moonshot left the glittering lights of Sydney to
settle into a quiet community on the South Coast of NSW. Here we have shared many laughs, invitations to people’s homes and genuine generosity that only a small community can offer.

This inspires us to create communities of our own like-minded people. Be it teams, followers or tribes – all we know is this:

Community is a powerful source of change. Changing mindset = changes lives.

That’s why we now use our skills honed over 15 years to help you do good with your voice and we do that but creating strategies that help you build values-driven relationships with your community.

We love helping others.

Giving back by helping people do amazing things. Nicolette
is a passionate yoga and pilates teacher – she helps people connect with the authentic selves and feel better in their bodies. While Nicolette is generous with her time, Nick, is generous with his wallet. He supports The Maiden Factor foundation who work to empower girls and women to live their dreams.

We keep it balanced

We moved away from the big smoke to slow down, have more
time for family, long rides down a country lane, deadlifts in our neighbours’ garage and yoga just about anywhere a mat will roll out. We value balance. Making time for conversations. Connecting. Meditating and whatever self-care rituals du jour are needed to restore balance.

We use our marketing and sales super-powers to help brands put purpose together with profit.

We believe that marketing can change lives and we use our voice to help brands do just that.


We want to help big business’ do better by their people

We’ve done our fair share of time in organisations where people’s mental health and personal values weren’t appreciated. Now we want to use our expertise to help businesses to good for their people and culture as well as use their voice to do good within their communities.

We are hardworking, authentic, family-focused folks

We are authentic, honest, hardworking folks that never miss a deadline and mostly wear t-shirts and shorts all day.

We put family first – which sometimes means we aren’t online, but rest assured you may see an email from us late at night when we make up for lost time and then some.

I’ve always been curious.

Nic's CV if you're curious

My curiosity drives me to learn new things each day. It drives me to visit near and far places. Stick my head in a rock 30m below the ocean’s surface or hike the Himalaya. But mostly it is human stories I’m interested in. Which is how I’ve come to be a storyteller.

How did I get here

My career started in publishing in the early ’00s. I side-stepped into marketing but was enchanted by media (at that point publishing).

I worked in media and marketing for 15 years. Starting out in magazines on niche titles then moving to The Sydney Morning Herald where I started to curate events and managed their loyalty program. I did a short stint a Citi Bank working on their loyalty program – banking wasn’t for me. From there I found myself in a  direct marketing teams, honing my craft as an ideas-woman and wordsmith. 

In my last corporate role at a media company, I ran a big team, with marketers, designers, video producers and Adam – my crazy content guy. 

I learnt I loved strategic marcooms  – rebranding, conceptualising. writing press releases, writing long form thought-leadership content and creating beautiful videos and presentations – I wanted to challenge myself to do this type of work every day and help brands make a difference.

I also wanted to live my values in both business and life.