My Story. 


Director Moonshot Marketing

Nicolette Briscoe

Telling stories and making things beautiful is what I love to do.

I have worked in media and marketing for 15 years. Starting out in publishing working on niche titles then moving to The Sydney Morning Herald where I started to curate events and managed the loyalty program. From there I found myself in a variety of direct marketing teams, honing my craft as an ideas-woman and wordsmith. In my last corporate role, I ran a big marketing team, with marketers, designers, video production and content creation. I serviced every part of a media and technology company in Australia and NZ.

I realised just how much I loved creative play – rebranding a business, conceptualising all the creative assets, writing press releases, writing long form thought-leadership content and creating beautiful videos and presentations – but I wanted to challenge myself to do this type of work every day.

I realised, I wanted to perform with passion and creativity every day. I birthed two businesses.

The first, The Happy Living Project, which was my way of connecting with my spirituality and establishing some work life balance. This business offers workplace yoga, pilates and wellbeing. Six months later, I launched Moonshot Marketing – a boutique marketing consultancy which set out to help passionate people bring their visions to life with creative services.

Nicolette Briscoe - Moonshot Marketing
Nicolette Briscoe

You see, I’m a passionate person and I can see and feel passion a mile away. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a unique journey. My niche is helping brands and businesses discover the treasures inside them and help them tell their story.

“Do you have the courage to bring forth [your] work? The treasures hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.”

Elizabeth Gilbert


I’ve always been curious.

Curious by people’s stories.

My curiosity drives me to learn new things each day. It drives me to visit near and far places. Stick my head in a rock 30m below the ocean’s surface. Experiment with recipe design in the kitchen. Or go out and learn a new skill.

My curiosity has been my journey to becoming a story-teller.

I treat each story, each experience, each connection with people with a sense of joy and discovery. I foster creativity through curiosity and I bring passion to all that I do. It’s from this perspective that I create engaging marketing strategies and stories to help businesses grow.